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Unless you’ve been living under a rock you have probably seen the memes, videos, and endless other posts talking about the reasons people can’t wait for 2020 to end. I get it, it hasn’t been an enjoyable year for many, if not most, of us.

It started out normal enough and then before we knew it…we were all living out some bizarre reality which included a global pandemic and lockdowns. Travel restrictions, shelter in place orders, toilet paper and paper towel shortages (still trying to sort that one out), and people panic buying some grocery items causing a bit of an issue in the supply chain.

Initially we were all told that things should be back to “normal” after a few weeks if we just stayed inside, washed our hands, and wore our masks.

Unfortunately, weeks turned into months. Many places experienced a second lockdown, and we started to learn new vocabulary terms like “pandemic fatigue” and “new normal”. This coupled with existing mental health and social injustice issues made 2020 feel like the worst year ever.

I watched my hometown of Minneapolis take centerstage and literally go up in flames. To say this has been a tumultuous, dramatic, and emotionally charged year seems to put things mildly.


With everything I just talked about I can relate to those wanting to just move on past this year and have the feeling of a clean slate in 2021. I have some concerns though…

What happens if we roll over into 2021 and nothing really changes?

What if you have the same issues and frustrations that you have today?

What if your personal situation is worse in 2021?

My concern is that people are focusing on the end of 2020 so much that they are expecting some significant change once the clock strikes midnight.

Similar, to those that make New Years resolutions each year. Often these are made with the best of intentions. Lose weight, eat healthy, spend more time with the family, drink less, journal etc.

For the first few weeks things generally go really well. Commitment and motivation are there. Then some conflict occurs that causes you to miss a day at the gym or maybe stress is high, so you have a few extra cocktails on the weekend. Suddenly this becomes your pattern. Momentum to stick to your resolution is lost.


So, what is the alternative then? Do we just give up and live with the mindset that nothing is going to improve? No, as someone who works regularly with athletes and other high performers that is certainly not a mindset I would suggest adopting.

Instead I would perhaps consider why you feel you need to wait until a new year to make the changes or have a better outcome. Whatever you dislike in your life, you can start making small changes today that can have an impact for years to come. It doesn’t take an arbitrary day in the future or the beginning of a year to magically give you the permission to start. Start now.

Begin with one small but maintainable action item and become consistent in that. Decide if it is working for you. If yes, then add to that routine.


This has been a hard year folks. Give yourself a little grace when you look back. None of us knew when the clock struck midnight last January 1 where we would be headed over the course of the year.

I certainly didn’t foresee the year that I had in front of me.

I am happy to help in any way I can, now, or in 2021. I always offer a complimentary initial call to prospective clients. Click here to schedule yours today.

I wish you all a Happy New Year and a blessed 2021.


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