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I'm super excited to announce that JS Coaching is now Schierman Performance LLC.

I started JS Coaching back in mid 2019, pretty much at the same time that I began my Master's in Executive Coaching & Consulting at Concordia University Irvine. At the time I just wanted to get my business started. I didn't want to overcomplicate things when it came to a name, and like many new business owners, I can imagine, didn't want to add an extra layer of "here is how you pronounce this" to the mix. So, I avoided using my last name.

Fast forward a few years, a lot of learning, many mistakes, and likely some grey hair and wrinkles (potentially caused by said business) and I have a very different mindset.

I have known for the last year that I wanted to change my business name. I wanted something that would be a better reflection of the coach that I had developed into, and was continuing to develop into. That's an amazing benefit of what I do. The growth never really stops for me. In order to be the best coach that I can for all of you I keep growing, learning and evolving.

The name I kept coming back to was my own. Because at the end of the day, it's me running the show and the brand should reflect that. The updated name reflects more than just a mindset shift on my part. It also better aligns with the high performance clients I have been working with and will continue to work with.

The tagline you may see on some social media and my website (Holistic, Human First) reflects some of the values I have as a coach. The coaching model I have been using since I started is a holistic model. I believe that if one area of your life seems to be "off" there is a good chance you may see some imbalance in other areas as well. The human first refers to the tendency we have as high performers to think of ourselves based on our title (athlete, coach, engineer, CEO) and to forget that we are a person doing a job, with many other facets to us that need prioritization. When this doesn't happen it can lead to health problems, burnout, mental health issues, and general dissatisfaction in life.

I'm excited to be on this next stage of the journey with you all. Feel free to contact me directly with any questions. If you're interested in coaching for 2022, click here to schedule your complimentary zoom call now.

Website, email and social media have been updated to reflect the new name.

All the best,

Coach Jenni

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