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This week was an especially sad one for those of us on the two wheel side of motorsport as the passing of Fausto Gresini was announced. Gresini had been battling covid for about two months and sadly lost his battle.

Watching the outpouring of memorials come in from all over the world was truly amazing to see. Fausto Gresini was a two time world champion in the 125cc class before going on to become a team manager. He touched countless young athletes lives and helped to shape many careers during his own life.


Reflecting back on Fausto's career and achievements got me thinking...what does it look like to create a lasting legacy?

He was certainly able to be successful at it as he transitioned from rider to team owner. Countless athletes that had worked with him over the years posted tributes talking about their time working together.

I believe he was successful at creating and leaving a legacy for a couple reasons. If you are trying to decide what type of legacy you might leave behind this may be helpful for you.

  • He served as a mentor to others: It was pretty clear from the messages coming in that he touched many lives. When someone decides that it is time to hang up the leathers, there are a lot of paths. They do not have to involve giving back to the sport. Instead he chose to form a team and to mentor younger riders. He spent the better part of 25 years doing this.

  • He pursued his passion: It's pretty hard to do anything for 2 years, let alone 25 if you aren't passionate about it. It is also hard to mentor anyone without passion for what you do. People can sense when you don't enjoy what you are doing. Motorsports is expensive. We are often away from our friends and families for long periods of time. We would not choose to do this without passion.


I have been busy this week wrapping up the final week of my masters. I have also been reflecting on the type of legacy I want to leave behind. This has been helpful as I get ready to start taking on motorsports clients again heading into the 2021 race season.

I am lucky to get to work with a mix of clients. Both corporate and athletes. I feel this plays to my strengths and also benefits both sets of clients as you often have struggles that are similar and sometimes the solution from one can benefit the other.

If you have been thinking about working with me but hadn't scheduled a call, now would be a good time. I offer a complimentary consultation to all potential new clients to assess your individual situation. Click here to schedule now.

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