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Yesterday was Thanksgiving here in the US, and so naturally I took some time to think back on the past year and the things I am thankful for.

This has been a tough year for many, including me. I lost a couple friends early in the year to suicide, my Dad passed away unexpectedly in August, and I was diagnosed with melanoma which I underwent surgery on recently.

Along with my Dad passing away came the responsibility of planning a funeral with my brother who was 2000 miles away in Minnesota, the settling of an estate, deciding who keeps what, all while managing running a business and full time graduate school.

It would be easy for me to want to simply put 2020 in the rearview mirror. I know many people feel this way. I’ve had a lot of positive things happen though too and I don’t want to fast forward through those. Instead I took some time to make a list and I want to celebrate a few of them with you. Maybe you’ll decide to make your own list.


· I moved from southern California to South Florida

· I have a beautiful apartment just a short distance to the ocean

· I am healthy and happy

· I only have one semester left in my master’s program

· I’ve met a bunch of new friends even with the pandemic

· I was able to see my bestie more this year than ever before

· I have friendly neighbors that stop to say hello when Hess and I go for walks

· I have a life team that supports me even when I am not at my best

· I have become more self-aware and continued my personal growth and development

· I have a fantastic stack of books to dig into after school is finished

· I am excited about business opportunities in 2021

· Hess loves his new surroundings

· I started dating again


We have one month left of 2020. Instead of having the mentality that we just want it over, let’s make it count. Nothing magical is going to happen when the ball drops in Times Square and the clocks roll over to 2021. Whatever you are unhappy with now, will still be there.

I propose we start working today to improve things. It didn’t take me very long to come up with that list. What would you put on yours? Take 5 minutes and reflect on the positives in your life.


If you want to make the next month, and next year your best year, I want to help. I am opening up two spots for private coaching with a December start date. Let’s get a jump on your 2021 goals and end this year the right way.

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